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  1. Shannon
    Shannon at |

    Germanwings isn’t half bad for a quick jaunt, and you can usually check-in up to 3 days early on their website. Stuttgart is known for the car museums (Porsche and Mercedes-Benz), but not too much else. Enjoy your layover!

  2. LarryInNYC
    LarryInNYC at |

    How about connecting through IST? Cheap fares and a nice, long overnight flight. I tried to do that for a trip to Budapest last year but unfortunately I could not find convenient connections and while, under other circumstances, a 20 hour layover in IST would be great, I didn’t have the day to spare getting back.

  3. Ken Y.
    Ken Y. at |

    you don’t get to book in C for a transatlantic work trip?

  4. mark
    mark at |

    If he could, I assume he would. Why would he voluntarily book coach?

  5. Goosh
    Goosh at |

    How is it that the seat map shows only one seat open yet they are showing 3 seats available for sale? I was under the impression that they don’t oversell the highest cabin

  6. thezipper
    thezipper at |

    When are you going to be in DC??? Let me know as I’m always up for a jaunt out to IAD …

  7. DBest
    DBest at |

    When you do the stretch out the trip, how do you factor in the increase in flying time? Clearly if you travel during normal business hours there is no confusion in equating flight time to work hours, but if you are choosing to take a longer route, there may be a conflict between your and your employer’s interests.

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