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  1. HansGolden
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    Cool. US Airways seems to be working, kinda. When I search on BA for CHA-MHT, it finds nothing, but when I search CHA-DCA and then separately DCA-MHT, it finds seats even though it’s a 2 hr connection.

  2. rahul
    rahul at |

    Thanks for the heads up, the best part when I looked up JJ award space on BA.com, the one date I needed mirrored what AA had available as an award. When I called last week, and was using UA as my guide the Ex Plat desk never saw any matching space that UA saw.

    JFK-GRU here we come in F

  3. gene
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    Per UA phone agent, JJ was not bookable when I called at 5:30 PM ET, although website showed space available. Successfully booked via AA at about 2 AM ET.