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  1. KarenC
    KarenC at |

    Hi, a few weeks ago i wrote you asking for any ideas in getting low award rewards IAH to OGG and you suggested i look for rewards to denv, sfo or phoenix.
    Could u explain how i make up the balance of trip? Do i look for awards TO, for example iah to den, then den to ogg and then actually csll them and ask them to bundle it into one trip for one low mileage reward? Or is the idea to pay cash for the flight out of IAH?
    Thanking you in advsnce for a wonderful blog.

  2. bo
    bo at |

    @KarenC You need to find individual flight segments that have saver award seat. Then you can either force it online by using the muti-destination function or phone up UA to book. You can try to use US airways if you book before March 30. If you can’t find lower 48-OGG easily, try to find flights to HNL and then use Hawaiian’s inter islands flights to get to OGG (you can include Hawaiian inter island flights on the same award and the price should beer the same.) Safe travel.

  3. Gary Leff
    Gary Leff at |

    “While it certainly is not clear that this is affecting their passenger booking numbers one way or the other ”

    Indeed, there are many many reasons that United booking numbers are down. đŸ˜‰

  4. Carl
    Carl at |

    I was on ship 3425 this morning. The WiFi didn’t work for anyone. It appears to be a software problem. I’m not sure the system is robust enough on the 737’s for wide deployment.

  5. Dan
    Dan at |

    Not sure why UA is the only carrier being singled out here……None of Delta’s WB have connectivity and very few of AA WB have it. UA perhaps could be also working on resolving the implementation issues that is most optimum from both financially and opertionally.

  6. Janice
    Janice at |

    I was on a 777 to Hawaii last weekend that was equipped with wifi. That said the wifi was free but the rub of it was that passengers in both coach and first we’re expected to use it to watch a limited number of streamed movies and tv programs. No screens in the seat, and passengers were expected to have a personal device on which to watch what they chose. And the wifi was spotty, did not allow access to email or web. No charging stations, so batteries on tablet died shortly after take off. It was an awful 9 hour flight! Also as I never use my iPhone or tablet with earplugs I couldn’t have used it if I wanted. I was all set to watch the 2 movies that were advertised in hemispheres. Made me realize that the direct ord-hnk route was never going to happen for me again!