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  1. Greg
    Greg at |

    Hmm…those look like undisclosed referral links. No problem personally with that, but you spend a lot of time pointing out incentives elsewhere.

    What bugs me about those sites is that they are not crystal clear that you may not earn points in your native hotel program for booking with them. It’s buried at the very bottom of the FAQ.

    Yes, you earn more air miles in total value than you typically would in hotel points. But for SPG for example when you factor promos and elite benefits, 900 base SPG points on a $300 stay is not that far off from 3,000 United miles for many.

    And will bet customers come away surprised after that first booking that no hotel points posted.

  2. Gary Leff
    Gary Leff at |

    For what it’s worth, and while there does seem to be a relationship there between Rocketmiles and United, Rocketmiles actually denies having received an investment from United (says the Skift piece that reported this was erroneous).

  3. Del
    Del at |

    Maybe its because next year you will would earn more “miles” (points) spending money on a hotel than on an actual Delta flight and this stark comparison would get the masses thinking, why the sodding airline they are actually spending money to fly on rewards them less than a 3rd party! Shh the proles might clue on to it

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