Earn 30% bonus on AmEx to Virgin America transfers through 30 April

The arguably paltry 200:100 AmEx->Virgin America Elevate transfer ratio is being boosted by 30% for the next two weeks. Your 200 Membership Rewards points are now worth 130 Elevate points. The Elevate points are worth about 2.25 cents each when redeeming for travel on Virgin America meaning that you’re getting about 1.45 cents per AmEx point with the promo in place.



Also worth remembering is that Virgin America has a number of redemption partners and there are some sweet spots on their award charts with some of those partners. As I noted when the Singapore Airlines/Virgin America partnership was launched:

For short-haul redemptions in SE Asia, however, the Elevate option may be a reasonable one. Singapore to Bangkok is only 6,000 points and $46 in taxes/fees for a return trip in economy; it is 13,000 in business. That’s roughly $200-350 worth of points and fees.

Definitely not a huge win for all travelers, but we have not seen too many Membership Rewards bonuses lately so this is a nice little treat.

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