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  1. Carl
    Carl at |

    DL is certainly going in the opposite direction from UA. Adding amenities. Adding routes and service. Shifting regional flying to mainline flying. And reducing frequently flyer earning.

  2. Carl
    Carl at |

    UA 2011 – 2013 = -2.85%
    DL 2011 – 2013 = -0.81%

    I believe the 2014 plan is UA to shrink further and DL to grow.
    DL grew every year other than 2012.

  3. ptahcha
    ptahcha at |

    The new economy amenity kit is similar to what they hand out on TK and CX, minus socks. Something is still better than nothing.

  4. Benjh
    Benjh at |

    Seth, let me tell you, this change is tremendous! Small things, yes, but big impact.
    I flew CDG-EWR last week and my wife, who doesn’t fly much, was really happy with the ice cream. The amenity kit pleased her a lot as well. Add the fantastic service, great IFE, and our economy comfort seats (excellent value) and she declared DL to be her new favorite airline.
    I myself am regretting that our flight back Sunday is with AF and not DL.