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  1. Alan
    Alan at |

    Very welcome news ūüôā Here’s hoping it gets ratified OK!

  2. Rapid Travel Chai
    Rapid Travel Chai at |

    That would be great, occasionally some form of these consumer-friendly laws set norms that push US companies to be better. I newly have T-Mobile and hope the free data and text international roaming sticks around.

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    […] It looks like the EU is doing away with roaming charges for cell phone calls and data usage. ¬†Prices have come down quite a bit in the last few years. ¬†It used to be that everywhere I traveled I could expect to pay $3 or $4 a minute for voice calls and exorbitant prices for data. ¬†Verizon Wireless had, for a brief time, an international travel data package that was $60 a month for unlimited international data. ¬†That broke them pretty quickly, especially since you could turn it on just for a few days while overseas. ¬†Now, the going rate for me in most countries is a more reasonable $25 for 100MB. ¬†And, it’s more like a dollar or two per minute for voice calls. ¬†As Seth points out, this likely makes things a lot easier for folks who used to get local SIM cards to put in their phone while traveling. […]

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    […] are on the horizon for roaming charges in the EU. And by changes we mean they should disappear by the end of 2015. That’s great news for […]