JetBlue A321s now certified for FlyFi, LiveTV

Be on the lookout for Fly-Fi internet service and in-seat TVs on JetBlue‘s A321 planes coming soon. The carrier is expected to announce later this afternoon announced Thursday that they have received certification from the FAA to install the hardware on their newest aircraft type. This will allow the carrier to retrofit the first few A321s it has taken delivery of (starting late in 2013) and also add the kit on their new deliveries of the type, including those fitted with the Mint product which is launching in six weeks.

jetblue flyfi a321 internet
Monitoring the status of a JetBlue flight with 50+ active internet connections from a couple weeks ago.

The in-flight internet will be the Fly-Fi product based on ViaSat’s Ka-band satellite service. It is the fastest service in the sky and has seen tremendous success since its launch late last year. On the TV side it is an upgrade to the newest LiveTV 4 system. The new system includes larger screens, more channels and an updated user interface from the prior versions.

Nothing but good news here, really.

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Seth Miller

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  1. LiveTV 4.0 will also feature live ATC communication similar to United’s Channel 9. Nice to see that as one airline is phasing it out more-or-less on majority of their domestic aircraft (United) that another is adding it.

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