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  1. Adam
    Adam at |

    This is good news for passengers. More competition should bring speeds up and prices down. And if ATT starts to have success in this area, is there any reason why Verizon couldn’t jump in the ring just as easily?

  2. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Where did AT&T talk about speeds of 60Mbps? Also, is that 60Mbps to the plane or to the seat?

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  4. Mary Kirby
    Mary Kirby at |

    “Rapidly evolving” – ain’t that the truth. Virgin America is now eyeing 2Ku; it might actually leapfrog its own planned launch of GTO (pending certification, etc, etc).

  5. robertw
    robertw at |

    GOGO is painfully slow and I noticed on my flight to FTU, the prices on American were raised again. I paid for a few hours on my phone for 7.00. That is all it is worth. Frankly speaking I think GOGO is not doing well in this area, but I could be wrong. Still travelling on a very long flight overseas I wish I did have GOGO or somethign similar. At least for email and such.