Tax Day promos from airlines

Welcome to Tax Day 2014. Hopefully you’re getting a refund, or at least using a miles-earning debit card or Bluebird checks to pay the bills. In the mean time, there are a few promos out from the airlines to help soften the blow.

United Airlines

United is offering 50% off drinks in their United Club locations in the USA today. I say that’s still 50% more than they should be charging for many of the drinks, but better than nothing in the world of discounts.

Frontier Airlines


Get 15% off the base fare for flights between now and 12 June 2014. Not valid Friday/Sunday travel. More fine print after the click.

JetBlue Getaways


Save 15% off the base airfare portion of a package booking. Similar travel/booking limits to the Frontier promo.

There might be some others out there but this was the collection I saw today. Nothing spectacular but possibly worth a look.

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Seth Miller

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