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  1. Neal Enrick
    Neal Enrick at |

    Like you, @united knows my Twitter handle too. As you intimate, it’s probably a good thing. They know so much else about their pax anyway what’s one more identifier?

  2. Stargold UA
    Stargold UA at |

    What about the tweet US airways put out to @ellerafter

  3. Jim
    Jim at |

    It’s interesting that you didn’t get a response from the contact form. I had a reroute and submitted an ORC claim using the form. About a day later I got a response that they had made the adjustments.

  4. Matt
    Matt at |

    Good CRM at work. Will be a very nice touch if A.P. does follow up with you personally later in the month to close things out. Keep us posted.

  5. Ted S.
    Ted S. at |

    I’m sure they have your handle in a CRM system. If I were them, I’d track Klout score, too. Even if one doesn’t give your social media handles to them in a DM, I’m sure their various contests are used to gather this type of info.