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  1. jon friedman
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    Seth: unions are GOOD. Unions try to realize a living wage for those they represent. The Koch brothers and their $100 billion dollar net worth (wonder how got all that money??)) may be against unions, but there is no reason that your blog should be used to trash them. Please don’t turn your excellent travel blog into into union bashing. Thanks!

    1. Kris
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  2. Ben
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    Unions are bad. They were needed back in the days to bring standards in place but now they overreach and divide corporate culture. It comes as to say if the pay is not to your liking then go elsewhere.
    Heavily unionized countries such as Spain France Italy. All in financial trouble.

  3. Ryan E
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    Was there something in particular that made the vote change from the previous attempts?

    1. Kevin
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      Yeah – voter fraud 🙂