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  1. Ozaer N.
    Ozaer N. at |

    So is this chart just for flights on Delta or across the board on AS partners?

    1. David G.
      David G. at |

      Delta only.

  2. Lack
    Lack at |

    I think it might be business as usual adjustment, with Delta having similar redemption rates in their own program (and exclusive view of their premium transcon routes in terms of upgrades) – rather then another chapter in their cold war.

  3. Golfingboy
    Golfingboy at |

    A few pointers… AS for years has had significantly lower rates than DL for the same award, particularly for Business Class awards. Now, they are adjusting the awards to somewhat match what DL charges their own flyers. I expect the DL award options to be worse when they implement the 5 tier award structure as AS flyers will need the absolute lowest level to be available. We all know that the new structure will create more inventory in the second lowest tier [act as a compromise of some sort between the current Low and Mid level inventory].

    Domestic BusinessElite awards was never bookable using AS miles, only coach. I have complained about that in the past. This is not really new, just more clear now.

    What is happening now with DL is similar to what happened with AF/KL a couple months ago, however the AF/KL biz awards were already higher than DL across the board, so the increase was not as big percentage-wise compared to DL’s.

    P.S. transcon F on AA will soon no longer be bookable too. The award chart states F on 2 class bird or business class on 3 class bird. I am not sure about an International 3-cabin F award though [i.e. LAX-JFK-LHR].