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  1. Joey
    Joey at |

    I’m surprised they even have a First class cabin (I thought they would have business/prem econ/econ only.) I always felt the main reason for the 11-seat configuration for the A380 is to serve high volume & low yield routes like Middle East (DXB/AUH/DOH) to anywhere the guest workers come from (i.e. India, Philippines, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Nepal, etc.)

  2. HunnerWoof
    HunnerWoof at |

    No offense, but how is this post any different than what you accused another blogger of over the weekend? This seems to be a post about a speculative idea coupled with a headline that implies it’s a foregone conclusion.

  3. Richard Schuurman
    Richard Schuurman at |

    No matter how you look at it, the passenger in the middle seat has a most unattractive flight. Who wants to book those seats? Or different: who can prevent you are given those seats?
    The A380 now is praised for its space. Airbus even campaigned about it and how important space is on a longhaul flight. I have my doubts about this concept. It’s back to the days of the 747-200SR in Japan. Crampy and crowdy for Economy travellers. On the upperdeck there’s little to complain.

  4. Mary Kirby
    Mary Kirby at |

    I wonder if Airbus could carve out an extra inch for the poor passenger who will be stuck in the middle of five. Adding one extra inch of width (for a total of 19 inches) would make a difference to the experience. All other seats would offer 18-inch width. Bombardier is doing this for the middle of three on its 5-abreast CSeries.

  5. MisterChristian
    MisterChristian at |

    Any idea what 11 across would do to seat width? Airbus is the company that said 18 inches should be the absolute minimum.