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  1. Jon P
    Jon P at |

    Maybe she found you attractive, or was missing male companionship in her life and wanted to get closer? Seems like all options are on the table…

  2. Joey
    Joey at |

    I think you meant to say she moved from the aisle seat to the middle seat? In the post you stated she moved to the window seat (on your lap, perhaps?) 😉
    I do agree it a bit bizarre. If I were you, I would have kindly asked her to perhaps go back to the aisle seat so both of you can have some space. In general, I feel older people prefer aisle seats since they have a tendency to go to the lavatory moreso than younger people. Thus, I don’t think she was bothered at all when you went to the lav.

  3. jk
    jk at |

    maybe a nervous flyer that prefers being next to people on departure?

  4. Sice
    Sice at |

    I attended a college football game when I was a teen and sat next to a very old grandma, there with her grandkids. I had a bottled drink I brought in with me, she promptly asked me for a taste. In teenage awkwardness I declined. When I finally finished the bottle she asked if she could have it. I agreed and she poured from another container into this one and then drank from it. I still laugh at her requests and at my own awkward sociality about it; I’m sure you’ll laugh about this for years to come!

  5. Grant
    Grant at |

    “Is this middle seat taken?” – What are things people don’t say on airplanes for $200 please.

  6. Captain
    Captain at |

    That is one of the weirdest things that I have every heard. Gross

  7. Nick
    Nick at |

    I have a thing about sitting as far forward as I can, I suffer from motion sickness and my theory and experience is there is less movement (and noise) in front of the engines and wing. I prefer a middle seat in the first 3-5 rows over a window/aisle seat behind that. You do get some weird look though.

  8. ffi
    ffi at |

    Maybe she thought you were good looking.

  9. James
    James at |

    She just wanted to talk to you.

  10. Jonathan
    Jonathan at |

    I once had a guy insist on sitting in the middle seat when the window seat was empty. He of course still took both armrests, so I was stuck with 1 on the aisle on a pretty long flight. I have no idea why he wouldn’t move over.

    He spent the entire flight doing work/coding. Based on the stickers on his laptop, I assume he worked for AirBnb. They might hire some smart people, but they lack common sense & basic social skills.

  11. Chris
    Chris at |

    This has happen to my SO and I twice now on WN flights <75% capacity.

  12. Chris
    Chris at |

    Just wanted to pile on, maybe she confused you with Gary and wanted to know which Ink card she should sign up for?

    1. Ryan Radia
      Ryan Radia at |


  13. Edith
    Edith at |

    That woman was me, an avid reader of your blog. Thanks for dashing my dreams of having some private time in the air with my favorite blogger.

  14. palefire
    palefire at |

    I had something similar happen once, except I took the aisle and she took the middle while the window stayed empty, and she declined to move over. At first I wondered if it was going to be some crazy power play to get me to take the window and offer her the aisle. But it became clear that she was super-afraid of flying (tears were involved on takeoff) and couldn’t bear to look out the window. In the end I did take the window and give her the aisle….

  15. Lively
    Lively at |

    When I sit down and the middle seat is empty…I immediately throw all my junk (purse, jacket, bottle o’ water, etc.) in the empty seat. Trying to make a point.

  16. Suzy
    Suzy at |

    Am I the only one who sees this as completely irrational behavior?

  17. Pat
    Pat at |

    Ah, a real cougar. Anyone who studies the laminated safety sheet must have heard the middle seat is safer.

  18. Rye
    Rye at |

    Do you think she wanted the window seat? Did you offer the window so you could sit in the aisle seat? What a weirdo. I would have moved.

  19. BOShappyflyer
    BOShappyflyer at |

    Some people are social creatures than others. Maybe by sitting closer to you, she thought you may chat with her more or strike up conversation. Who knows.

  20. Erica
    Erica at |

    I died laughing!

    I’m imagining myself on a less than full Southwest flight flying alone with my toddler and lap child and having someone willingly choose to sit next to me.

    As luck would have it, we almost always sit in the back half of the plane and by the time I have everything situated and off of the third seat, boarding is almost over anyway.

    I’m sure it was a terribly awkward moment but I hope you can laugh at it now!

  21. Ron
    Ron at |

    Who cares? Why should it bother or puzzle anyone?

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  23. Helen S
    Helen S at |

    Why do guys think they are so hot? And why do guys think that an older woman is irrational or hitting on them? That’s what’s weird.

  24. nemme
    nemme at |

    This brings back horrible memories as this happened to me on a SYD-SFO flight! I still look back at young me (early 20s) and wish I had gained more confidence to tell her no. I did lift up the arm and scoot over a little into the middle seat. Ugh. People are jerks.

  25. DonM
    DonM at |

    Im definitely going with the “she was hitting on you” thats my story and I’m sticking with it. LOL