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  1. Tyler
    Tyler at |

    Thanks Seth, this really helped clear things up. Probably the best post on BA this week!

  2. AJK
    AJK at |

    So… if >7 days, then free 24-hour hold, but no 24-hour refund, while if <7 days, then no 24-hour hold, but free 24-hour refund.

    Did I get that right?

    Does that differ from their policies on award tickets?

  3. Taylor
    Taylor at |

    Still confused.

    So if flight is more than 7 days out, you are allowed 24-hour hold *and* 24-hour refund after booking, or just the courtesy hold?

  4. Chicago Anon
    Chicago Anon at |

    You rock. Thank you for getting this clarified Seth.

  5. smittytabb
    smittytabb at |

    Somehow I missed this completely. Super helpful post! Thanks so much.

  6. Chris
    Chris at |

    As a refund is still available (which is no worse than I’d have to deal with for any UA ticket), I can deal with this change.

    I’m not sure how it makes loads “more accurate” other than by increasing friction of creating a booking.

  7. Sam C
    Sam C at |

    What about tickets purchased on AA.com that include US segments, for which no 24 hour hold is offered? Can these be cancelled without penalty within 24 hours?