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  1. Pablo
    Pablo at |

    SUCKS for the Canadians, hahahaha!

    1. terry
      terry at |

      you are a shit

  2. Scott
    Scott at |

    I’m not ok with this; customers should then be allowed 72h to cancel after purchase if it is an obvious mistake.. I’m all for airlines getting 24h, but 72h is an absolute joke and the Canadian consumer should be pissed!

  3. Chris
    Chris at |

    There’s a PDF circulating that Swiss filed on this matter. Their lawyers dug up quotes from various somewhat popular blogs indicating that this was actually a mistake fare and that readers “shouldn’t call the airlines.”

    That said, I have to wonder how much Swiss spent fighting this to what it would cost to actually honor 83 tickets (cabins don’t always go out full, etc.).

  4. Voice of reason
    Voice of reason at |

    Thank goodness that rational heads prevailed in Canada.

    1. DaveS
      DaveS at |

      I must agree. In must industries, if a company advertises a price that is obviously wrong they can retract it. Airlines should be able to do the same when it´s an obvious mistake, though there need to be requirements about promptness of action, and probably some limitaton on what can be claimed to be a mistake. I think Canada generally has it right.