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  2. Andrew F (Shrewd Travel)
    Andrew F (Shrewd Travel) at |

    Since when does Delta have a hub in Chicago?

  3. Darth Chocolate
    Darth Chocolate at |

    You may want to consider IAH instead HOU. IAH is a much larger airport and is a United hub (but sadly not Delta). Delta service to/from HOU sucks.

  4. Nic
    Nic at |

    I had done the analysis for ATL a while ago and I was very surprised with results. It was amazing that UA, only sent one 737 to ORD and the rest was RJs. At that time they hadn’t open ATL-SFO. Amazing that UA will give up competing in ATL.

  5. eric
    eric at |

    Very good points, but the one thing missing is the difference in passenger experience.

    Delta went to great lengths to make sure its large RJs are as close to mainline as possible, with f and wifi.

    For nyc-atl, UA flys 50 seaters (except 1 larger rj) vs all mainline for DL. If you were a 1K traveling for business, does it make sense to fly in a 50 seater RJ vs delta mainline? DL beats on frequency and mainline will likely have a better on time rating than a 50 seater into ewr.

    If I were UA, I’d try to get a CR7 or a E175 on most of these frequencies quickly.