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  1. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    Instructive and interesting to read. To be honest, here’s where we probably have a bit of a different style. You benefited by 35 minutes and a drink out of all that scurrying about, multiple contacts with lots of agents, time consuming aggravation. Me, I’d rather just relax in a lounge, read a good book, and walk onto my flight when it leaves. But that’s OK. It’s always interesting to learn.

  2. mark
    mark at |

    I guess this is “content.” I mean, you have to write something occasionally, no? But, nothing at all instructive. 1) Passengers finds out his original flight might be delayed or cancelled 2) Passenger makes other arrangements 3) Passenger gets home with a delay. There weren’t any interesting tips or take aways. Other than the fact you got home, not quite sure of the point.