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  1. Jill
    Jill at |

    I’m not sure what you mean about the satellite service requires downloading software in advance on a mobile device? I fly Southwest frequently, and have loved the streaming Dish tv while in air. It’s free, and I didn’t have to download anything. Open my iPad, connect to the wifi, and it just works. When you maximize the video, it removes all banners and other content as well. I had no issues with connectivity or buffering.

    I can’t comment on the inflight wifi speed, as I’ve only used that a few times on cross country flights (and when it was only $5 a day during its introductory period). I remember it being slower than normal, but not unbearable. Perfectly fine for sending emails and such.

  2. dan
    dan at |

    The wifi on WN is notoriously poor (tons of postings on this) and that is why they are standing by to refund your money. It’s been an ongoing issue now for a couple of years. They really should just have gone with Gogo. Most of the time I can’t even load a simple gmail page.

    There is no way to create an account so you have to enter your billing info every time (and I imagine that is why you are paying per each device login, not an account login).

    Also – it’s only free for A-List preferred, not basic A-List.

  3. Jeremy
    Jeremy at |

    I tried the Southwest Wifi last week – It was horrendous – Horrible speeds..Regarding the streaming – They tell you that you need to download their app – They even send you an email ahead of time to do so – This is false – All their app is doing is redirecting you to a URL to watch the movies – An app is not required

  4. Golfingboy
    Golfingboy at |

    Southwest has some really unique benefits and is not a bad option for domestic trips. If one gets 2 of their CCs and 10K points through other means such as airfare/hotel/car rental/etc that person will get a companion pass. Then as an A-list member [the top tier] you get 4 free drink chits for every 10 one-way trips you do and free wifi.

    Then the earn side as an A-list member with a WN co-branded cc for biz select fares is a good deal IMO. For every $500 worth of Biz Select Fare as top tier A list member using the WN credit card earns $185.71 “cash back” on the redemption side or roughly 37% cash back assuming you burn points on wanna get anywhere fares.

    Is my math off?

  5. Ken
    Ken at |

    I agree with some of the other comments posted- never had to download any app on iPad and Galaxy S4. I regularly watch TV and browse internet without any App. Unless SW made changes in last week.

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