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  1. #AYCJ is coming back!! (contest) - FlyerTalk Forums

    […] for 10 lucky winners over the next 10 days. http://www.jetblue.com/about/ourcomp…inningservice/ http://blog.wandr.me/2014/05/jetblue-brings-back-aycj/ I cannot express how badly I want to win this. __________________ Travel Tales | Cash Back on […]

  2. Charles McCool
    Charles McCool at |

    Oooooh, I loved the AYCJ pass. This one is for TWO months. Wow. Fingers crossed (for you to win one and me another).

  3. PhatMiles
    PhatMiles at |

    Thanks for the heads up. Not related to this: In the “About the author” section, the link to Runway Girl Network is not working. This is more of an FYI but no poking intended.

  4. Jason
    Jason at |

    Giving away 10 free passes isn’t exactly bringing back AYCJ. You know that, right?

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    […] Hat Tip to Wandering Aramean […]

  6. downhillcrasher
    downhillcrasher at |

    Does it include ‘Mint’???

    1. myb821
      myb821 at |

      interestingly from the T&C it doesnt exclude mint “all seats on eligible flights are available for booking by the public and are subject to selling out.”