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  1. mark
    mark at |

    flight was $85 but earlier was “a little cheaper”? like $80? personally at those prices i wouldn’t spend a nano-second thinking about it.

  2. Jon
    Jon at |

    That all-inclusive fare is still about 35% cheaper than the YQ that QR is charging me for an award ticket between DOH and IKA.

    What’s happening Ahmedabad?

  3. trojan
    trojan at |

    I had a chance to travel all domestic Indian carriers in Dec/Jan( AI, 6E, 9W, SG, G8) and would rate Go Air the best experience(even though they cancelled my flight due to ridiculously low loads

    SG – though always delayed – allowed my friends with 20KG extra luggage for free! No such luck with Jet and AI

    My rating would be G8> 6E> 9W > AI > SG

  4. murtuza
    murtuza at |

    Enjoy the nickel and dime of Indian aviation. But the best part is buying the fare seems to be the best rather than redeeming any award.

  5. Hillrider
    Hillrider at |

    Google “drip pricing” and that’s exactly what you’ve experienced.

    I did sense that you feel that this was cheap — the average Indian earns $ 1219, so in this context nothing about this transaction was cheap (multiply everything by 36 to convert it to what it means to the median US person).

  6. Rapid Travel Chai
    Rapid Travel Chai at |

    The Fast Forward service may have added value because using non-Indian credit cards to book their tickets often means, at least of the first segment of the reservation, that e-checkin and kiosks don’t work so you have to get a counter to verify the credit card. Out of DEL on GoAir there were all kinds of counters, most with long lines, and it was a free for all to find one and convince the agent to check in. Good flight experience, though.

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