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  1. Brian Desmond
    Brian Desmond at |

    Two things I’d find handy-

    1. A flight number search filter so I don’t have to scan the data by hand.
    2. An endpoint that kicks data back in XML format to call from Excel

  2. Hyacinthe
    Hyacinthe at |

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  3. matt
    matt at |

    Openflights integration would be my number one cool feature to add. It’d also be neat to be able to track the activity of a given tail number.

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  5. Ben
    Ben at |

    Thanks! Great tool!

    The dual arrow button where you can flip the to/from would be helpful for searching simple direct return flights.

  6. bmvaughn
    bmvaughn at |

    Handy tool! But just a correction… it doesn’t include EVERY flight in the US since 1995.

    I’ve had quite a few I’ve tried to pull up with no results.

    1. Frank Doyle
      Frank Doyle at |

      I also have not been able to find all flights that have taken place since 1995, but I assume it’s an issue on the government’s end?

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  8. gba
    gba at |

    Great tool! Are you planning to update the database with more recent months?