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  1. Steven
    Steven at |

    Meanwhile, at United…

    “Mr. Sullivan, today I have a beef burrito wrap for lunch, served with mushroom soup.”

  2. Steven
    Steven at |

    But seriously, what routes are they serving these dishes on?

  3. Stephan Segraves
    Stephan Segraves at |

    Interesting idea but I’d like to see how it actually rolls out through the system and if they can get it past just Atlanta.

  4. Cook
    Cook at |

    I hope Hopkins thrives over the longer term. It is great to see a successful chef actually doing the production, not just designing the menus. With fingers crossed, I hope the airline clients continue buying better catering. For longer flights and in premium fare seats, the CAN afford to serve food of this quality. (As I’ve noted elsewhere, the cost difference between slop and truly good food is not all that great.) If I read this correctly, the Hopkins meals are currently limited to the four out-bound routes from Atlanta. Do you have any idea how they cater the return legs? I cannot imagine that they are ‘double catering’ on those long flights. A great post. -C.

  5. chitownflyer
    chitownflyer at |

    It is good to see a company trying to increase the quality of its product, and Delta’s Business Elite is delivering a good hard and soft product with operational reliability. Flights that serve farm to table meals and provide Tumi amenity kits shows Delta wants to compete with the likes of Lufthansa.

    However, this comes at the opportunity cost of the devaluation and reduction of their loyalty program. It will be interesting to see how other airlines measure up to Delta in terms of their product and operations. AA is installing a new Business class cabin and gets good reviews, but it remains to be seen how the AA-US merger will impact the Aadvantage program.

    This leaves United in the position of continued cost and service reductions while simultaneously matching Delta’s RBS loyalty program. I would not be surprised to see United HVFs and elites providing Delta and American the opportunity to earn their business.

    1. Cook
      Cook at |

      I’ve not seen or tasted it, but I hear that the Corn Soup is great.
      As as aside, related to airplane Food Porn, how many pix has anyone seen of airborne soup that do not include Soup Slop? I know, it is darn near impossible, even when served at the seat. I just think it is FUNNY to see Soup Slop on an otherwise beautiful tray. Simple physics says that just won’t go away anytime soon. Truth is, if the *(%ing soup is good and At the Proper Temperature, I don’t care. Getting most of them warm enough does seem to be a problem…

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