Another (relatively small) award chart change for US Airways Dividend Miles

Like flying in 3-cabin first class on American Airlines using your US Airways Dividend Miles? That’s going to cost a bit more starting on August 1st. The Dividend Miles award charts are changing again on that date, this time to “align with the AAdvantage award charts” for premium cabin award costs. Currently Dividend Miles awards for 3-cabin first class on AA metal (namely the A321T transcon service and a couple other Flagship flights out of Miami) are priced at 50k round trip. That price is going up in August to 65k round trip. The new chart is not yet published but the change was alluded to in an email sent earlier today to all Dividend Miles members.



The details are not actually published in the charts yet but an AA representative confirmed the new rates for me in an email conversation earlier today.

They will be aligning with the AAdvantage award charts –

  • The Dividend Miles program will be raising its Canada last-seat availability award levels to match the AAdvantage program AAnytime mileage award levels
  • The Dividend Miles program will be raising its US/CA First Class level (on 3 cabin aircraft) from 50K to 65K RT on the oneworld and other airline partner award travel charts (this level is what DM members redeem to fly on AA metal, thus this will align with the AAdvantage program award chart level)

The good news is that the changes don’t take effect until August 1st and the airline actually provided a bit of notice this time. The bad news is that the “alignment” swings in their favor. Not surprising, but it sure would be nice to see it go the other way one of these days.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Seth, did you always notice that the US Airways weekly Milesaver option has disappeared too? You used to be able to book last minute weekend award tickets for 10k miles + taxes, fees (with US Airways cc). Now, you can’t search for that on their website anymore. It’s a shame as there were a lot of good destinations that I used for transcon at 10k.

  2. Also I think the sweet spots in the charts from the US to Asia / NZ etc will be gone as well as it says awards from US/CA as well.

    1. That’s not what is says, ffi and the clarification I received (the quoted text above) doesn’t make mention of that. I don’t think that one is up for a change, at least not this time around.

    1. I’ve seen the text of the actual emails sent to all AAdvantage elites, US elites and US non-elites. If there is another category of email being sent out right now I’m not aware of it.

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