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  1. Jonathan
    Jonathan at |

    It would be nice if they could use correct grammar when eviscerating their prrogam:

    ‘Several principals guide the future membership program.’

    I think they meant several ‘principles’ as opposed to individuals. 😛

  2. Ric Garrido
    Ric Garrido at |

    The driving factor for guest stays at Red Lion are their locations in towns where they tend to be the best hotel around for a city like Eureka, California and Red Lion Lewiston, Idaho.

    I held a conference that came to an abrupt end in 1992 after being shook by a 7.2 earthquake at Red Lion Eureka and I had drinks at the brewpub in Red Lion Lewiston in 2003 where the hotel picked me up at the airport on a three hour layover to have dinner and beer at their hotel and then drove me back to the airport for my flight. That is customer service.

    Red Lion looked at selling their hotel chain and then pulled back from the decision. I doubt the hotel loyalty program changes will be a major impact on this small hotel chain.

  3. Kelsey Grammar
    Kelsey Grammar at |

    Who are the principals who govern their new program? Alternatively, did they mean principles?

  4. DaninSTL
    DaninSTL at |

    Maybe they will start a new loyalty program and this is just a way to get rid of the old points, etc.

  5. rkkwan
    rkkwan at |

    Haha. I can finally cut up that card! Stayed at their Boise property almost 10 years ago on a priceline bid. Signed up on their program but never even earned a point. Maybe too many like me…