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  1. JohnSD23
    JohnSD23 at |

    Thanks for the review Seth. For those of us who no longer have the option to earn miles the old fashioned way (by flying!) nor wish to play the credit card game, having a viable option for upgraded services at a reasonable price is most welcome. Nice to know what to expect when this service, hopefully, begins out of Boston next year.

  2. Allan
    Allan at |

    Awesome! they are really going to give the other carriers a run for their money

  3. Andrew C
    Andrew C at |

    sigh, nice, but still not worth connecting from DC (except for novelty), from which I can so many non-premium transcon options.

  4. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    That GRID-IT would be nice 😀

  5. Joseph M
    Joseph M at |

    I do need to try this product. Price point is perfect and product looks good. Thanks for the report.

  6. phill gold
    phill gold at |

    great post! I think JB migh be worth a try.

  7. Rui N.
    Rui N. at |

    Thanks for the review 🙂

  8. Mark Jackson
    Mark Jackson at |

    Looks great, in my opinion one of the better products out there!

  9. Derek
    Derek at |

    Excellent review — the Mint signature drink looks especially good. Really looks like this is a sweet spot in terms of pricing and service for transcon. Maybe it’ll push the bigger carriers to up their game or lower their prices?

  10. Joey
    Joey at |

    Loved your review! Since they had directv, were you able to watch the World Cup live? Also, how were the bathrooms? Was there one that only Mint passengers can use or were the restrooms open to everyone?
    I hope to be able to fly Mint someday but you’re right that the price point is within reach for the average traveler.
    As for not having any lounges, I am ok with that since JFK Terminal 5 is quite new and sleek compared to the other terminals there.

  11. Susan
    Susan at |

    Thanks for the review! Now that the mileage programs are changing, it’s great to check out what other airlines have to offer. Jetblue’s sounds really great.

  12. Euan
    Euan at |

    Good review of the new Mint product. Will be interesting to see how the fares vary once they get the product more established.

  13. Ralph
    Ralph at |

    Looks good!

  14. P T
    P T at |

    I would love to try the Mint product. As a PHX flyer I’ve never even flown on JetBlue!

  15. marc
    marc at |

    Thanks for the review! I will have to keep Jetblue in mind while flying back to the east coast

  16. Brian
    Brian at |

    Looks great! Curious to see how VX remains competitive LA – NYC

  17. Brad
    Brad at |

    What would be awesome is if they provided like a $10 food or drink credit to all the food in T5. They do not need a lounge but if you are paying a premium that would be a small touch to ensure ground services are part of the experience…doubt it would happen, but would still be nice….

  18. Mike
    Mike at |

    Great report, Seth. It really looks like JetBlue hit the nail on the head with this product. I think they really understand what customers will enjoy, unlike the legacy carriers.

  19. Donald Goetz
    Donald Goetz at |

    Looks like a great project. Seems like the IFE could use some refinement but seems solid from here!

  20. Jimmy
    Jimmy at |

    How was the service level? Must have been a bit weird for the FAs since they’re not used to doing a real meal service onboard a flight.

  21. Greg
    Greg at |

    Nice review! Looks like a product that might be worth a splurge every now and then.

  22. Joe
    Joe at |

    Great report, appreciate the detail.

  23. Ang
    Ang at |

    Awesome! Thanks for your review. Hopefully I can check it out!

  24. Steve
    Steve at |

    Looks good! Might have to give it a go

  25. Doug
    Doug at |

    Great report – I hope to try Mint out sometime soon.

  26. Albert
    Albert at |

    I’m looking forward to trying this soon – thanks for the report!

  27. Sanjeev M
    Sanjeev M at |

    JetBlue gaining corporate share may help them on all their marginal short-hauls and Caribbean out of JFK. But they need to do more midwest flying if they’re serious about the NYC business traveler.

  28. ptahcha
    ptahcha at |

    Nice report. The onboard product is definitely competitive with the legacies, and the hard product is significantly better than VX.

  29. DJ
    DJ at |

    Something I would def try for the price and comfort that it seems to provide.

  30. BradR
    BradR at |

    soon to book my next sea-nyc… they’re flying on that route now too?

  31. Tarheel traveler
    Tarheel traveler at |

    Hope to give this a try soon.

  32. MDR
    MDR at |

    B9 seems worth a try now that my upgrades are suddenly not clearing on AA JFK-SFO.

  33. Rabbit
    Rabbit at |

    Thanks for the review! It looks like a great new product!

  34. FF
    FF at |

    I can see myself trying this service. Thanks for the review!

  35. byron
    byron at |

    That view looking forward from the seat is great – Everyone seems to love the throne-style seating and it’s really clear why that’s the case.

    I’m conflicted about touch screens in premium cabins – it’s a cool idea, but doesn’t seem practical since you are probably lounging and far away from the screen. Personally, i’d end up just using the remote instead.

  36. theSuperStar
    theSuperStar at |

    I like a new player in the sky.

  37. Arcanum
    Arcanum at |

    I wish they flew to Canada as well!

  38. Jason
    Jason at |

    What is the Cocoon – Mint piece on top of the Grid-it?

  39. Karl P
    Karl P at |

    Wow, the food selections look really new and different! I would love to try Jet Blue Mint out!

  40. Candace
    Candace at |

    Sign me up! This looks like a great service with cool food and service!

  41. Andrew P
    Andrew P at |

    JetBlue service is typically great, so I’d imagine this was spectacular for a domestic flight! I’d love to check out the cocoon grid-it too 🙂

  42. Marilyn B
    Marilyn B at |

    Thanks for a great review – appreciated all the details. Looks like a great product – hope to give it a try sometime.

  43. James
    James at |

    I’m so excited for you! Glad you got to experience this and thanks for the great trip report!

  44. peter
    peter at |

    Great review. Hopefully, I will get to try it soon too!

  45. N766AN
    N766AN at |

    Great review, thanks!

  46. bk3day
    bk3day at |

    Enjoyed the review & am pleased to see any airline use a bit of creative thinking in the way they approach seating and service.

  47. Jason
    Jason at |

    Looks like a very solid product at a very competitive price. I wish we had JetBlue for an option here in the Midwest.

  48. Rob
    Rob at |

    Hi Seth

    Do you happen to have an pictures of the menu and wine list you could post?

  49. ken shah
    ken shah at |

    Good review…thanks for sharing…would love to win the giveaway…thanks, K…

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  51. Joe S
    Joe S at |

    Great review, looking forward to trying it someday.

  52. Dish
    Dish at |

    solid product!

  53. Tammy
    Tammy at |

    Will have to try it out soon. Thanks for the review.

  54. Sarah
    Sarah at |

    This looks like a pretty good deal.I’ especially interested int the variety that Birchbox will offer over time. That Grid-it seems like a nice touch too and I’d love to have a better look at it :).

  55. Sam
    Sam at |

    Someone on MP was saying that AA is going to extend 321T service to BOS; heard anything about that?

  56. Aj
    Aj at |

    I’d like the giveaway please!

  57. Jacob
    Jacob at |

    The product looks beautiful. Maybe I will try JetBlue for my next transcon

  58. Allen Zhu
    Allen Zhu at |

    Excellent review – I’ll be in Mint on both the outbound and inbound within the next week and truly look forward to it. From what I’ve seen, I won’t be disappointed. 🙂

    On a side note, how did you get ITA Matrix to return results for JetBlue Mint? Filtering by Cabin or Fare Class yields no results whatsoever.

  59. Christopher
    Christopher at |

    Awesome review! Good to see JetBlue improving to stay competitive. Obviously they have done some research to try and provide some differentiators.

  60. Paul Brown
    Paul Brown at |

    Always love a good JB story.

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  62. gobluetwo
    gobluetwo at |

    Seems like a cool product. Sadly, I’m rarely (if ever) in a position to do a true transcon. Regardless, count me in for the grid-it!

  63. Mike Combs
    Mike Combs at |

    B6 has created an innovative product that will give the majors a run for the money.

  64. Iolaire McFadden
    Iolaire McFadden at |

    Glad to see that the watermelon salad was much larger than the Twitter photo.

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