Is your photo worth 200,000 points?

And if so can we fix the conversion rate at 200 points::1 word??

Flying Blue, the loyalty program behind Air France and KLM, has launched a contest to source the photos for the luggage tags they will issue to their elite members next year. Submissions are open until 9 July and if your photo is one of the three chosen you get 200,000 points plus Platinum elite status for the year. Each person is limited to 10 submissions.


The winner will be selected by a panel of judges rather than popular vote so don’t bet on stuffing the ballot box to win.

And, unlike most similar contests I’ve seen over the years your entry does NOT grant full rights to those who are running it. In other words they only get to use the photo if you win. Otherwise FlyingBlue only has rights to post it in the gallery for others to see and to Tweet it. But they cannot use it in future works, on their website or in marketing materials. Even the winners are only asked to grant a 2-year license to the photo so that the bag tags can be issued. That may or may not be a big deal to some but most photo contests similar to this are much less photographer-friendly.

There’s also the part where even with running the contest and giving out the prizes there’s a decent chance this costs FlyingBlue less than licensing photos from a pro to use on the tags.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Cool! I have probably a small handful of photos I’d consider good enough (I’m very much an amateur), which I plan on entering.

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