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  1. Dee Mountcastle
    Dee Mountcastle at |

    Yup gotta love where I live it is a piece of paradise and as for the Oasis food just great. Moved here because people wonderful, weather good and a little bit of paradise after all we are one of the happiest places in the country!!!!

  2. smittytabb
    smittytabb at |

    Great post. Like you, my peripatetic soul keeps me on the go, although I have countless repeat places. One is more special than the others and it is also a beach. Mine is in South Carolina. I’ve been to so many beaches on six continents and none can compare to my special one. Treasure the memories. Enjoy the food!

  3. Sahir Siddiqui
    Sahir Siddiqui at |

    Hey, good writing – straight from the heart.

  4. MSPpete
    MSPpete at |

    Until I clicked on the ‘world famous oasis’ link, I had no idea where this was.

  5. HR
    HR at |

    Great article and amazing photos. My favorite is Torrey Pines in San Diego. Although these days I go to the beach in Ventura on a weekly basis.