In flight: A domestic hop on IndiGo

Needing a short, domestic segment to round out an itinerary to India I had the opportunity to try out IndiGo for the first time. I mostly chose IndiGo for price and schedule but I was also excited to try something new. During the booking process I bought most every extra they offered and some of that turned out to be useful, though there are definitely bits I wouldn’t buy again. Anywho, off to the airport; let’s go for a ride!


Last time I flew on domestic flights in India the queues were rather challenging, to say the least. This time around they weren’t too bad. I’m not sure if that’s because it was mid-day, a Sunday or just generally because the experience was better at Delhi’s domestic terminal where IndiGo flies from. In the end the “Fast Forward” service did save me a bit of time but my friend who was flying without it managed to get through only a couple minutes behind me. Not worth the $2 on this day, though maybe it would be another time.


I also paid for access to the Plaza Premium lounge in the Delhi terminal. Mostly so I could get a few photos for but also because I was curious what the facilities on offer were. At $10 for access it was probably a wash. Neither the food nor beverages were particularly appealing. There was wifi inside but I didn’t use it so I cannot comment to the quality.


Not a waste of money, really, but the regular terminal area also wasn’t too bad on this particular morning. I ended up spending most of the wait for the flight downstairs instead.

Eventually the flight was called so it was downstairs to the bus queuing area, on to a bus and then a ride across the field to board the plane. I like the views one gets from such a process, though I also hate the inefficiencies attendant to it. In the end it was in my favor this time as I favored the views over the convenience. But that’s mostly because it was a new-to-me terminal/experience.


My ticket was checked once again – seriously, there were 4 or 5 checks after clearing security, I think – and then finally I settled in to my seat.


It was cozy, to say the least, and that was with no one in the seats next to me. The payment required to get the aisle in that row (window was free to assign in advance) seems to have discouraged others from booking there. Still, very tight. Tolerable for the 90-ish minutes, but not comfy. The exit row option was only ~$10 and would be a wise – and reasonably priced – investment for most folks, I think.

A tight squeeze in the seats, but I made it work.


The last bit I pre-paid for was the snack on board. I got a slight discount from the list prices but not a ton. Maybe they run out on full flights but that wasn’t a risk here at all. The flight attendant asked me to simply pick any food item and any drink for my meal.

In-flight dining menu on IndiGo
In-flight dining menu on IndiGo

I ended up with a peach juice think of some sort and a chicken salad sandwich. Tolerable for low-end airline food but certainly not something I’ll go out of my way to order again any time soon. Also, the food had a horoscope of sorts on it. Cute, I suppose.


I also caught a glimpse of the food the two women in the row ahead of me were eating; they brought their own victuals from home. It appeared to be much, much, much better than what I had.


The flight attendants were mostly women and several had buttons on their uniform with slogans like “Girl Power” or “Leading Lady.” I’m not entirely sure what the purpose there is, but it was interesting to see.


And, other than that, the flight was relatively uneventful. There was a bit of circling before landing at Ahmedabad (AMD) for reasons which were not entirely clear but we ended up on the ground only a couple minutes late.  One thing I did find rather entertaining was that the in-flight magazine was basically a catalog of stuff one could purchase with the IndiGo logo on it. Some of the items actually looked like a bit of fun, though it was cash-only and I didn’t have much paper money with me so no souvenirs to bring home.

Everything about the experience was completely mediocre. Nothing stood out as special, exciting or great. And, for better or for worse, that was exactly what I was hoping to get out of the trip. Lower expectations are easier to meet, but that was more than sufficient on this particular flight. And I’m also not so sure any other option would be better. I do now know that I probably won’t pay for the meal nor the lounge. And probably not the priority check-in, either.

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Seth Miller

I'm Seth, also known as the Wandering Aramean. I was bit by the travel bug 30 years ago and there's no sign of a cure. I fly ~200,000 miles annually; these are my stories. You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


    1. Yes, though I dropped that card as the $450 for a couple lounge visits annually wasn’t worth it to me. I already got my $200 in travel credits for the year so I’m not too worried.

      1. Ah, ok. With the new Centurion lounges, it can be very worth it to look into splitting the AF four or five ways (whatever max AU is, I forget).

        1. If they put a Centurion Lounge somewhere I travel regularly I’d consider it again. But I’m not betting on that any time soon. Plus I generally prefer to not be at the airport versus sitting in a lounge. In this case I was early because it is India and you never know what the queues will be like. Turns out the general terminal area really wasn’t all that bad and the lounge wasn’t all that good.

          More and more I’m realizing that paying extra for lounge access is a bad idea.

  1. Why is boarding suddenly ask for my “current location”all the time — VERY ANNOYING!!!

  2. Hey Seth, why didn’t you ask the two women to share their meal – I bet they would have gladly obliged. After all, this was India!

    1. Ha!

      I’m not entirely sure they would have, though you’re correct that the odds were in my favor. I was happy enough just enjoying the smells.

  3. About the Girl Power and Leading Lady…

    Girl Power because all their FAs are women. This even made news a few months back when someone (within Indigo, IIRC) said that women weigh less than men, and so add that extra little to fuel efficiency. Having said that, on a recent flight on Indigo, one of the male ground personnel also had the GIRL POWER badge pinned on his sleeve, and the IFE gave him hell !!!

    And the IFE is the person that gets the LEADING LADY badge.

  4. Should note that your companion, who didn’t buy any of the extras (since my CC couldn’t be processed via their direct booking channel), was offered an exit row seat for free in both directions.

    And on the return flight, with a load of maybe 30% both exit rows were completely full. When I tried to move to another seat in a row without anyone in it I was admonished as they had already done the safety briefing.

    Win some, lose some.

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