Introducing Hyatt Award Alerts

No award nights available at that Hyatt you’re looking to book in to? Tired of checking every day (or multiple times daily) to see if anything has changed? Now there’s a tool which can help you with that. Introducing the Hyatt Award Alerts from Wandering Aramean Travel Tools. The concept is pretty simple and similar to the various other award alerts I’ve built, though there are a few differences worth noting.

Creating a Hyatt Award Alert
Creating a Hyatt Award Alert

Like the other alerts you simply choose where and when you’re hoping to see an award become available. Unlike the others, however, this search requires choosing a specific hotel rather than anything near an airport. So, fill in your details, create the alert and let it go.


Also of note is that the hotel name search is based on the name Hyatt has given the property, not its address. Typing in Las Vegas will only show you the Hyatt Place there; if you want any of the partner properties (e.g. Aria, Vdara, etc.) you need to type in that name, not just Vegas. On the plus side, there is an option to select the hotel from a map rather than typing in the name:

Choose from every Hyatt Gold Passport hotel in the system
Choose from every Hyatt Gold Passport hotel in the system

Just click on a hotel and it should populate the search box at the top of the page.

Once you’ve added the alerts you’ll have a list you can manage which looks a lot like this one:


Regular members on the site can have up to 5 active alerts at any given time; First Class members can have up to 50.

And, should the alert trigger you’ll receive an email with the details.


Hyatt offers multiple different award types at some properties at different price points so the alert will include the details of both the room description and the points required to reserve a night there. The alret details are also visible on the site in the Search History page.


There are 598 hotels currently supported by the tool, which I believe covers every Gold Passport property in the Hyatt system. If there’s one you see missing please let me know and I’ll get it added. I also think I built it so it can self-update as new properties are added, though I suppose we’ll need to wait for that to happen before I can tell if it is working.

Like most of the tools I’m sure there are some bugs in this one. I’ve tested it a bit and even had a few others help but there is no doubt a few slipped through. Drop me a line if you see something amiss.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Looks awesome. I assume that since it’s not available on the Hyatt website, having a Cash & Points alert wouldn’t be possible?

  2. Awesome! Thanks for following through on that after our conversation about it.

  3. Awesome, thanks very much for this Seth.

    I’ll note thought that while Hyatt offers award reservations for July 4th 2015 already, your tool only goes to the month before…

      1. That would be great, thanks. I just happen to be looking for availability on July 4th next year…

  4. Thanks so much Seth!! It worked and I got the room I was looking for. Another great tool

  5. Thanks for this tool Seth! When I login to do the Hyatt search, I don’t have the search box like the one above. I get this message “Not quite yet. :(” Do you know what’s going on? Thanks!

      1. Thanks Seth. I did that too and click on the hotel on the map, but there is no search box on the top to populate after I select the hotel. It’s a blank white space on top of the google maps.

  6. Seth, thanks much for this. Anyway in a future version we’d be able to select a particular room type for it to search/alert? That’d be extremely helpful when a diamond member is looking for the room that is used for Diamond Suite Upgrades at a hotel to become available.

    1. If that happens it would likely be a simple string matching setup (i.e. you put the work “suite” in and I alert if any of the room types include that string) as there are WAY too many different types of rooms in their system for me to easily manage or inventory all of them.

      Also, it would almost certainly be limited to only the First Class users on the site.

      1. That’d be perfect. In this case, I’m looking at the Andaz Maui, and the room they upgrade to is the “Andaz Suite Partial Ocean View.” If I’m understanding you, I’d be able to search using the “Suite Partial Ocean View” to return that particular room, correct? And a First Class user I already am!

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