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  1. Nick
    Nick at |

    Why do you think are the US carriers so reluctant to add a premium economy section on their long haul flights?

  2. michael d
    michael d at |

    People aren’t willing to pay the differential for the square footage for the increase soft and hard product.

    Premium plus needs a nominal 34% increase which means to break even a $1000 economy fare needs to be a $1,340 premium fare; a $2,000 needs to be $2,680. If I might consider an increase of $340, $680 will make me fly with someone else with a $2,100 fare.

    If they can rip out one row of premium and put in two of economy Cathay really sacrificed real estate in their original design pushing the 34% number up.

    United loses money even with E+. Now it cost around 2 CPM on the flights I make (TPACs) and it doesn’t track with coach fare price. Same city pairs will vary 8 to 23 CPM but the premium for E+ stays the same.

    Premium economy for me isn’t enough. On 10 to 14 hour flights I was not comfortable enough with the barcalongers (sp) on United to pay for business. They were more comfortable but not comfortable enough for the price increase. With lie flat I can sleep. I get rest. The flight seems much shorter. I’ll pay more for that. I don’t think I can sleep as much on Cathay’s premium seat and won’t pay what they need to charge to make it as profitable as coach is for them.

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