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  1. patricia
    patricia at |

    The KEY difference is that UA still partners with ANA, so nearly every intra-Asia that UA killed is already replicated on ANA, thus connectivity is preserved (the only reason why UA still hasn’t killed NRT-ICN is because only UA [with ghetto 738] and OZ fly it within Star … ANA has already entirely switched to HND-GMP)

    For DL, you have absolutely no choice but route through SEA. Their relationship with KE is in the ice age so forget about using ICN as a proxy for NRT.

  2. rkkwan
    rkkwan at |

    Incredible that less than 6 months after finally starting HKG, AA will have 30% more seats into HKG then NW, er I mean DL.

  3. Better By Design
    Better By Design at |

    Absolutely agree with the major points of sadness here: the quickening approach of death for the 747 (especially with US carriers) and the continual bleed of NWA’s NRT hub. So sad to see two great legacies continue to erode…

    And honestly, with the cabin upgrades DL has made to their fleet, their 747 had once again become a choice aircraft for business travel.

    With no US flagged A380s (probably ever)… Sigh.

    The new widebodies are interesting, but there’s a romance to 2 deck jumbos that ever-longer twin aisles just don’t have.

  4. Conway
    Conway at |

    Odd…I have DTW-NGO booked for next Feb and it is still showing as a 747 according to delta.com

    If it switches to an A330-300 or A330-200 do you have any recommendations for best BusinessElite seat?

  5. Rapid Travel Chai
    Rapid Travel Chai at |

    So sad to me for the NW-nostalgia, strong preference to connect in NRT over SEA (or any US airport) and from my somewhat limited experience of competitors, the business seat on the 747 is by far Delta’s best and I think the best among US carriers.