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  1. Gary Leff
    Gary Leff at |

    Terminal C is actually pretty easy in-and-out. And it’s where US Airways runs *its* shuttle from. In fact, Delta has the gates in C that US used to use for its shuttle before the DCA slot swap. You’d arrive at LGA and there was an escalator straight down and a short, uncongested walk straight out. Truly not bad. And of course terminal C has a nice shiny new Skyclub.

  2. JohnSD
    JohnSD at |

    It has been a while since I was last at LGA, but I remember that the Avis lot location in proximity to the MAT made the difference more than once in catching my flight back to Boston. Pretty much everyone in Boston will do all they can to bypass the 3 NYC area major airports for connections, so I honestly don’t think DL will picking up that many folks willing to go via LGA. I’ll also take the EMB over the 717 any time

  3. Al
    Al at |

    Timely article. I just flew a DL shuttle flight and was puzzled by the whole experience. The marine terminal is rather dumpy. There is no club – but there is a coffee stand where the delta employee will pour you a coffee in a paper cup with an agressive tip expectation. No Internet which is avail in a club. The open seating seems less efficient.

    So…paid $459 for a day trip to washington… Got free glass of wine.

    Upon landing there was an announcement that if you are connecting on a flight in term C or D….. You need to collect checked bags and bring over to terminal yourself. Really??

  4. JohnB
    JohnB at |

    The Delta double connection….always a hardsell. Will always be a hardsell! Can’t see how connecting thru LGA, will help Delta fill planes. Agree with “JohnSD”. But, if LGA was the only connection, possibly maybe a gain for Delta.

  5. mark
    mark at |

    Good post…though way too long. This is a common problem with travel bloggers…trying to prove how much they know by just going on and on. Gary Leff’s posts are regularly two or three (or four) times longer than need be.

    I also don’t understand the statement that some people will say LGA-BOS is “no longer a shuttle market” just because it is no longer in the Marine Air Terminal. Who would say that or why would they say that? It’s still regular hourly(ish) service. US Air still calls it a shuttle. Why does the LGA gate the plane uses impact what the service is called? And, the plane lands at a normal gate at BOS right (that hasn’t changed)? Don’t get it.

  6. Corey
    Corey at |

    With the tech industry in both cities, I’m amazed that there isn’t more demand for a BOS-SJC nonstop other than the JetBlue once daily (and eastbound red-eye). I find myself doing the BOS-JFK-SFO route on the new AA A321T that works pretty well, even though I far prefer the SJC airport.