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  1. Justin Does...
    Justin Does... at |

    I’d say Alaska Airlines has an equally generous policy as Southwest. I love that you can do it online all by yourself without needing to call an agent:




  2. Wolfgang
    Wolfgang at |

    Hi Seth, so how would one request this at JetBlue? I can’t seem to find that capability on the web site. Just booked a flight two days ago and the return got about $10 or so cheaper (while the outbound is now more expensive). Is it possible to apply this to just one leg or does the total have to be cheaper?

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    […] apply to the period 14 days after purchase, rather than indefinitely, as had previously existed. As industry analyst Seth Miller noted the policy did not appear to be formally marked, so it’s hard to say who will miss it (I […]

  4. Laurie
    Laurie at |

    Hi Seth – You’re right that this was never a formally published policy. Just one point of clarification: Outside the 14-day window customers will be subject to a flat $75 fee in order to get a fare credit.