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  1. shay peleg
    shay peleg at |

    Am I the only one who thinks this is super unsafe? I mean maybe if they run background checks or something

  2. Simon
    Simon at |

    WTH, i’ll sign up. Better than the drugs I was transporting before. [warning, i may be pimping out my referral link once i try out the service.]

  3. LarryInNYC
    LarryInNYC at |

    Back in the day you used to be able to fly for free as an air courier for a number of quite reliable companies. They used your baggage allowance (and extra bags — I think I once had 30 with me) to transport documents and other overnight packages, and you would carry a manifest and meet their receiver at customs so he could take over the bags and clear them (your job was done).
    Quite safe and I made many free flights this way, including one on the Concorde.
    This doesn’t sound quite as safe.

    1. purcitron
      purcitron at |

      sounds pretty interesting

    2. John
      John at |

      Yes, I did the courier option several times before 9/11, which basically killed it as an option. I did the JFK-MEX flight with World Courier, even got SkyPesos for it! Then, after I turned over the baggage to World’s rep, I’d take the overnight bus to Acapulco to start my vacation! Cheap vacation, back then!

  4. jeff
    jeff at |

    What could possibly go wrong? With all due respect, anyone who does this is a fool.

  5. ptahcha
    ptahcha at |

    Wouldn’t it be easier just to sign up to be an air courier? Getting paid for transportation and the miles?

  6. Ron
    Ron at |

    Why is it unsafe ? Meet in a public place like a food court. I like the concept and just signed up.