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  1. Levy Flight
    Levy Flight at |

    That is a bummer! The route from NRT to SYD via BKK is a bargain too. I did enjoy that route. Sad news.

  2. Victor
    Victor at |

    Spare a thought for those of us who actually live in Sydney and need to compete with everyone else to try and travel anywhere else in a premium cabin!

  3. Alex
    Alex at |

    I hold an itinerary for November booked with UA miles. What happens now? Will I get downgrade compensation and refund of miles?

  4. Graham
    Graham at |

    In the same boat as Alex, have an itinerary on TG476 booked using UA miles from SYD-BKK and then onwards BKK-TPE, and TPE-JFK. SYD-BKK is the only one scheduled to be in First. If that’s the case, I damn well better get a refund on my miles.

    How would I go about doing that? Simply call up UA for confirmation of the downgrade and redeposit?

  5. Graham
    Graham at |

    Sidenote, i won’t be TOO upset if it’s serviced by the 777-300ER, but it’s a regular 777-300, i’ll be some pissed. Noticed Airline route wasn’t able to specify if Sydney would be receiving one or the other. Any ideas?