The waterfalls of Fundy National Park

With only one day to spend in New Brunswick’s Fundy National Park there was a great need to be judicious in choosing our hiking paths. The park offers dozens of trails ranging from short and easy to longer and more strenuous. Fortunately for us the clerk who collected our admissions fee was also willing to explain the options to us, and when we said we wanted waterfalls she pointed us in the right direction. We ended up on a pair of 3-ish hour hikes (round trip) including time to stop and relax at each of the falls. And even a bit of swimming. It was spectacular.

First up was Third Vault Falls. The level of lush, green surroundings as we made our way down to the Falls was incredible. Trees, bushes, mosses and lichens (I’m sure other stuff, too) all offered up varying shades throughout the hike.

Hiking in Fundy National Park Hiking in Fundy National Park

And then, once at the bottom, we turned the final corner and were greeted with this.

Hiking in Fundy National Park

Absolutely stunning and a great place to have our picnic lunch.

Hiking in Fundy National Park

After exploring for a bit we headed back up the trail and then a bit deeper into the park. Our next destination was Laverty Falls.

Hiking in Fundy National Park

The pool here was much larger and, not surprisingly, rather more crowded. That didn’t stop us from taking a quick dip to cool off and relax.


If forced to choose I think the hike for Third Vault Falls was marginally more interesting and the falls slightly more impressive but both were worth doing.

After the hikes and the swimming it was back on the road towards dinner. We had lobster shacks on the brain so being convinced to pull over was no small task. And yet it happened, mostly because of the spectacular vistas the cliffs presented at low tide.

Hiking in Fundy National Park

Hiking in Fundy National Park

Just another tremendous day in New Brunswick, Canada.

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  1. I did that same hike and loved it. However, I went in May and it definitely wasn’t warm enough for swimming.

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