Best Hyatt suite ratio in NYC

Looking to book a regular room and score a suite upgrade from Hyatt? For New York City visitors it looks like the brand new Park Hyatt on 57th Street might present the best opportunity. It looks that way, but it probably isn’t.

The hotel is relatively small with only 210 rooms in total. And 92 of those rooms are suites. That’s a full 44% of the rooms which are upgrades from the “Deluxe” option which is the base room on offer at the property. The Grand Hyatt at 42nd Street has only 43 suites out of 1300+ rooms. The Andaz 5th Avenue has 42 suites of their 184 rooms. Neither of those comes close to the ratio at the Park Hyatt.


As for what the suites offer, there are plenty of different options to choose from:

  • Park Junior Suites (3)
  • Park Studio Suites (24)
  • 57th Street Suites (6)
  • Park Suites (15)
  • West Side Suites (28)
  • Park Executive Suites (7)
  • Park Terrace Suites (5)
  • Ambassador Suites (2)
  • Presidential Suites (2)

And the rooms are all huge by NYC standards. Even the 496- to 680-sq.-ft. size of the Deluxe rooms is big, but the suites start around 680 and range up over 1,000 square feet for the West Side Suite, Park Executive Suite and Park Terrace Suite. And, by some strange quirk, the Park Junior Suite is listed as larger than the Park Studio Suite. I cannot find spec’s on the Ambassador or Presidential Suites but I’m willing to bet they are quite large, too.

It does not appear that any Hyatt Gold Passport inventory has been loaded in to the booking system yet so no way to see what the award options are but it is a Category 7 hotel so figure 30,000 points/night for a regular room (Deluxe, by their terminology, I suppose) and 48,000 points/night with a 3-night minimum for a Suite reward. No word just yet on which of the nine suite types the award books in to.

Turns out they simply don’t have more than a couple rooms at the base “Park” level so nothing to be booked as an award. Oops. I remain skeptical of the value proposition there given the dearth of availability, though I suppose it makes my Hyatt Award Night Alerts slightly more useful.

Also, I’m still not finding any suites for award bookings. And those should not have the same capacity issues given the number of different suite types available, but who knows. A rep I just spoke with suggests that they should book in to the Park Junior Suite category, of which the hotel has only three. So, those great hopes of upgrades into the suites might be for naught.

Alas, don’t expect to get in to any of these rooms on the cheap anytime soon. I haven’t seen a regular rate below $700 yet, though some non-refundable options have cropped up in the $660 range.

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Seth Miller

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  1. It’s not that inventory isn’t loaded it’s that the standard rooms are all gone. FTers report they were able to book award rooms back in April. There was one day left last week (8/31) but now that one is gone as well.

    1. Yeah…thanks for that clarification.

      Even worse news (just added) is that the suites nights book in to the Park Junior Suites, of which there are only three. So those upgrades are likely to be rarer than the raw numbers suggest.

      1. I’d be interested to know the amount of C&P inventory as well. This is a separate rate than standard awards and when I inquired about it for the 8/31 date the Diamond rep said he’s never seen that avail for PH NYC.

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