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  1. Jake from MSP
    Jake from MSP at |

    Fascinating! Thank you for showing this.

    Do you have other data we could see?

  2. Niels
    Niels at |

    Fascinating data for sure – I’d pay to have access to data like this 🙂 (e.g. the ability to do queries on it).

  3. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    Wow, very cool data.

  4. Kevin
    Kevin at |

    Cool stuff! Do you download this data from ExpertFlyer or some other paid source? This is really impressive – not just the data collection, but also the parsing and the analysis

  5. sadln
    sadln at |

    Of course, I’m assuming you’re talking about availability open to Star partners. OZ classifies the large chunks you mention as peak-season dates (generally around 16MAY-6JUL and 6DEC-23DEC) for flights departing the USA, where these dates are set as 50% extra mileage for members of OZ’s FFP and generally unavailable to other partners. Searching JFK-ICN on OZ’s website, for example, I find availability for almost all of June 2015 at the extra mileage cost and many of the dates blocked off in December 2014.
    Nonetheless, interesting post. You’ve been prepping it for nearly a year? Impressive.

  6. MDR
    MDR at |

    What is the diagonal white stripe that stretches from up and to the right from (x,y)=(early April 2014, 0 days) to (early March 2015, 337 days)? Is that lack of availability significant, or is it simply missing data? (I would guess the latter.) Maybe for future plots it would be useful to distinguish between the “missing data case” and the “lack of availability” case.

  7. Denise
    Denise at |

    I found this example particularly interesting! We have 2 seats in F on Asiana from JFK to ICN. We booked the seats in mid-November-ish 2013 for departure at the end of Sept. 2014. Very excited!

  8. PedroNY
    PedroNY at |

    Great post, thank you for this information, look forward to more posts like this!.



  9. FlyingBear
    FlyingBear at |

    I’ve been looking at United’s availability (for my own travel, so not quite this extensively) on a couple of routes and see inventory show up shortly before travel date (<30 days) during peak seasons. I guess I am too young to rely on this myth here. I do wonder how more people being educated about it will effect dynamic availability in the future.

  10. DavidLAX
    DavidLAX at |

    Seth – this data is awesome. Can’t wait for more posts like this!

  11. ffi
    ffi at |

    awesome info as usual.