A new tail design joins the JetBlue collection

The livery refresh cycle continues amongst the US LCCs. JetBlue is the latest carrier to announce changes, though they are not going quite as aggressive as the other three announced this month. Rather than changing the whole livery JetBlue is just changing one of their tailfin designs. In short, welcome the Tartan tailfin to JetBlue’s family.

The new Tartan livery from JetBlue
The new Tartan livery from JetBlue

In the press release announcing the move JetBlue’s Lisa Borromeo, Director of Brand Management and Advertising, takes a bit of a dig at the full livery revamps recently announced:

While others may push revamped logos or disorienting paint schemes, we feel it’s important to build a visual language as we grow. Our tailfin patterns will always reflect a fresh style, with a timeless appeal that is core to who we are as a brand.

The new design includes the green accent color and is vaguely similar to the Plaid scheme which was retired in 2009 when “Blueberries” was introduced. At that time a company statement suggested that the Plaid design was much more complicated, uses more paint and was heavier to fly around. This time around it appears that either the paint job is less complicated or that it is less of an issue for the company. Or they just wanted something new to announce to steal a bit of the spotlight from the other three recent similar announcements.

Look for the new design on “Bippity Boppity Blue” (N565JB) and other aircraft in the very near future. Particularly if you happen to be in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic this afternoon.

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