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    […] was on the inaugural yesterday writing for Airways News as a guest of UA so I got a bit of time to explore the 787-9 before all the other passengers came on board. And I snapped a lot of photos. I've included some […]

  2. Joey
    Joey at |

    Thank you for this post! Did you notice a big difference between UA’s 787-9 and 787-8? Obviously the -9 is longer but in terms of seats they look pretty much the same (with the exception of the exit row cuddle seat?)

  3. Nick
    Nick at |

    Economy looks pretty damn tight for a plane that can fly for 16+ hours.

    1. Dave
      Dave at |

      @Nick – It is. Having been bumped from 16 K/L to 32 K/L on the way back from Tokyo in March, I can vouch for the fact that regular economy on the UA Dreamliner (at least in the 787/8) is a miserable experience for 12 hours. Economy Plus was tolerable, especially on the bulkhead, although the IFE and tray table in the armrest narrows the seat a bit.

      Third time was a charm in 2 A/B. I chose them specifically for the wider foot area. I can’t come up with a single complaint about that experience, except that I could have enjoyed it for a few more hours.

  4. Harrison
    Harrison at |

    Does business class on the 787-8 for United have the same setup in terms of foot wells and bulkheads? Do you think the bulkheads are the seats to go for on a long-haul service?

  5. Mommy Points
    Mommy Points at |

    Still so jealous you got to fly yesterday! 😉

    A few questions you may have answers to or pictures of…

    1. You happen to have any photos of the bassinets? I know I read they could be in 6AB, 6KL, 16ABC, 16DEF, 16JKL, 27DEF, but just wondering if they happen to land in a photo of yours.

    2. Seems like no from your description, but to double-check none of the economy bulkheads have the little cut-outs where you can stow your bags?

    3. BusinessFirst seats seem identical to the others so I am guessing they are not totally connected to the shell and a CARES harness will work going around them, but just making sure you didn’t notice any difference about the shell/seat.

    Thanks and great write-up!

  6. AdamH
    AdamH at |

    Any Ch9 on the IFE?

  7. ShoNuffHarlem
    ShoNuffHarlem at |

    This article sucks. The best seats are obviously http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE0ClgIkN38

    (Kidding, GREAT awesome article!)

  8. 787passenger
    787passenger at |

    Hi Seth, I’m wondering if you had any more thoughts on row 16 for tall people, especially now given the articulating base on economy seats. Is the leg room still greater than other economy plus rows?


  9. SAN Greg
    SAN Greg at |

    Nice write up Seth. Thanks!

  10. Inside United's 787 Crew Rest
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    […] Where to sit on the United 787-9 Dreamliner […]

  11. Ron
    Ron at |

    I’m a bit confused. You have 3 footwell pics but it’s unclear if the pic on the far right is found in all the bulkhead biz seats or in all the B, D, K biz seats. I’m on UA98 LAX-MEL in January and still have some seating options and I’d really like to get one of the big (far right) footwell seats.

    Also any preference for the row 1-5 cabin or the row 6-8 cabin?

    Finally, if I sit in one of outside seats will there be climbing over during the night or is there a way the window seat can get to the aisle without the bizseat crawl?

  12. Jake Redman
    Jake Redman at |

    Did you happen to notice how much or how little legroom the center seats in row 29 have? Looks mighty generous on the seat map…but then, it’s a seat map.

  13. Fernando
    Fernando at |

    Great resource. For my flight 1B is available (1D/1E are not) as well as 6D/6E. I assume 6D is better than 1B?

  14. Kay
    Kay at |

    Thank you for a wonderful report! I’m traveling with my 22-month old daughter from SFO-KIX at the end of this year. Currently, our seats are 27D/E because I read these bulkhead seats have a plenty of legroom AND the armrest between D and E can go up (so that my daughter can lay down, putting her head on my lap). Would you say these are the ideal seats for an adult traveling alone with a toddler? Or is it going to be too noisy there because of the bathrooms and the kitchen stations? Are 16K/L better even though the armrest does not go up? Or would you recommend taking something like 18A/C, hoping that nobody sits in 18B? (and if someone does show up for 18B, trade 18C and 18B?) What are your thoughts? Thank you!