JetBlue upgrades in-flight service in a different way

Some times it is the little things which make a big difference for passengers’ in-flight experience. JetBlue is testing that theory as the company revamps their flight attendants’ in-flight tools for the first time in the company’s 14 year history. The relatively generic wicker snack basket is being replaced by the “Pivot Basket” a moulded plastic bin which is deeper and has a rounded triangular shape with three handles. The beverage tray – rebranded the “halo tray” is now larger to allow for more drinks to be served at once.


Lots more drinks on a single tray.


The company even released a video playing up the new bits targeted to their crews.

As a passenger I can definitely see the value in the new tray design. More stability and capacity in carrying more drinks means fewer trips for the FAs back and forth up the aisles. As for the basket, I suppose there have been enough complaints about the wicker baskets breaking or ripping uniforms to justify that switch. I’m mostly just hoping they take up less space in the overhead bins which are used to hold them as that’s really a benefit to customers.




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