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  1. Nick
    Nick at |

    But his immaturity is just like you blocking me on Facebook. Same principal Seth!

  2. Nick
    Nick at |

    Principle I mean!

  3. Mike
    Mike at |

    Fine if he wants to use, but doesn’t an airline and crew have the right to ban someone from flying? How does he like them apples?

  4. Darth Chocolate
    Darth Chocolate at |

    Easy solution. Now the idiot has self-identified, every airline that bans the device can simply ban him.

  5. FlyingCajun
    FlyingCajun at |

    The schmuck even looks like one without him actually doing anything but sitting there in his picture.

  6. Tom
    Tom at |

    Charge him for the cost of the diversion and see if he still wants to keep using it.

  7. Levy Flight
    Levy Flight at |

    So what is UA FA’s responsibility if one of the items is used on a plane and passenger refuses to remove it? Where does that discussion go next?

  8. DaninMCI
    DaninMCI at |

    Was his name Nick? Sorry I couldn’t resist.

    I don’t blame him for having the device or using but when I found out he was in E+ he lost my vote.

  9. matt
    matt at |

    Arrested…and billed for the costs of the diversion as well.

  10. Levy Flight
    Levy Flight at |

    This is a helpful article and provides a link to the following statement (which I also provide)

    from article:
    In an email, a United Airlines spokesperson succinctly explained that “we don’t allow customers to use devices that prevent seats from reclining” — a reference to a controversial $22 anti-reclining device called the “Knee Defender” — and added that the carrier won’t be making “any special announcements” in response to recent events.

    Here’s United’s official policy:

    United strictly prohibits the modification or use of any object or device to alter or limit the functionality, permanently or temporarily, of any aircraft structure, seat assembly, tray table, etc. If you see a customer using any such device or object, please inform United personnel immediately.

    Link to policy: http://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/inflight/default.aspx

    Worth traveling with a copy of that statement, though I expect FA’s are receiving in-house guidance this week.

  11. Paula
    Paula at |

    Is there a cost incurred to the passenger who causes the diversion? Are other passengers compensated for their lost time? (Not sarcasm, actual questions.)

  12. Arcanum
    Arcanum at |

    Thanks for pointing out that both passengers were in E+. That really seems to be lost on most people out there!

  13. david
    david at |

    He is an asshole pure and simple. Somehow the woman was being rude to him by using her seat as it is designed to be used in a section that is designed to be more comfortable than regular coach. He is totally self involved asshole.

  14. HansGolden
    HansGolden at |

    I support the right to recline. However, I do think the Knee Defender is appropriate if used in a certain way: to prevent unexpected, rapid reclines. However, it must be removed and explained upon first recline attempt.

  15. leana @ Miles for Family
    leana @ Miles for Family at |

    I liked that comment on the article you linked to: “Wait..so this guy never reclines his seat?? even when flying from Moscow to Denver? he’s missing out..”
    You are right, it is nuts. We have encountered such a schmuck on one of our Europe flights. He started shaking my father-in-law’s seat to teach him a lesson, when the latter had the audacity to recline it a little. Not quite as dramatic as this story, but still.

  16. Dana
    Dana at |

    Yeeaaahh, the full story doesn’t help his case. I made a short video on things not to do while traveling, and my main thing was, just don’t be a jerk!! Everyone is tired and probably cranky, and trying to GET somewhere. Don’t be that person that makes things worse!!

  17. AirBoss
    AirBoss at |

    The Ferris Bueller clip hits the spot, but riddle me this…

    If the FA ended up moving the slam-reclining woman after she threw her beverage at the jerk, why didn’t she just move here beforehand and save UAL and the rest of the passengers the cash and inconvenience?

  18. Laurie
    Laurie at |

    James Beach does not own United, I do not buy tickets to fly on JamesBeach Airline, and he doesn’t own a damn thing on a United Airlines plane. They should have tossed him off – and not bother with landing when they do.