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  1. Joey
    Joey at |

    Virgin Flying club sent an email this morning notifying its members of the upcoming route changes. I do know VS will start flying its 787-9 to BOS, JFK, EWR, and IAD in the next few months. From their website, http://www.virgin-atlantic.com/us/en/the-virgin-experience/787.html , it looks like the 787-9 was planned for LHR-CPT and LHR-NRT as well.

  2. Narayana S
    Narayana S at |

    Where it hurts me is the LHR-BOM flight. That is another option gone for BOM. I am also surprised about NRT since DL has a lot of asian flights from NRT. I am not a very knowledgeable person on routes but that was impression from a year or so ago.

    1. Joey
      Joey at |

      I agree with you Narayana. NWA had a mini hub in NRT for its Asian routes that DL now has after its merger with NWA.

  3. Keith Campbell
    Keith Campbell at |

    For those Delta flyers and especially elites flying in the economy cabin, the change of many routes to VIrgin Atlantic is not a great positive as they have no equivalent of Delta Economy Comfort.

  4. Sanjeev M
    Sanjeev M at |

    This makes financial sense for VS, but unfortunately it means a lot of routes to the east of London are cut.

    NRT I’m surprised this doesn’t stay on O&D alone. CPT was probably doing poorly anyway. The rumor was that YVR hurts DL on SEA-LHR. LHR-BOM is large but low-yielding with 3 carriers nonstop and at least 15 carriers serving it one-stop. My guess is that AMS-BOM will benefit from this cut.

    Moreover, as they repeatedly stress in the press release, DL needs the VS planes to fund the US flying. The second DTW was wanted by DL for a long time. If BA is looking at restarting DTW, then they better act fast. ATL, JFK, LAX, summer SFO are all very low risk moves given the DL connections and sales power.

  5. DWG
    DWG at |

    Bummed that Virgin Atlantic is dropping Vancouver. Will Virgin Atlantic begin flying between Seattle and London?

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  7. leifinsoul
    leifinsoul at |

    As a name, “Virgin Atlantic” actually makes more sense after the capacity adjustments, with a higher proportion of flights being on trans-Atlantic routes.

  8. Rapid Travel Chai
    Rapid Travel Chai at |

    Had my first Virgin Atlantic experience last week and first time a business class has really excited me. Flying back to NYC from BOM, will be a shame to lose that route, for the 50+ km from my hotel to the airport I am curious to see what vehicle they provide for the free transfer.