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  1. NB
    NB at |

    The trouble with all this is that, as a UA MM member myself, I have little sympathy with either side. The complainant is being ridiculous to assert that the benefits have to be frozen at the time he earned his MM status. Life moves on and clearly UA must be able to alter its programs accordingly. UA is being ridiculous claiming that Lifetime means lifetime only as long as they find it convenient to mean lifetime.

    With hindsight obviously UA should have defined exactly which benefits would be granted for lifetime and then there would be no argument – the complainant would get those and only those. But they didn’t and still don’t.

    I feel UA deserves to lose but the complainant does not deserve to win. I wish the judges could fine UA and give the fine to a deserving charity.

  2. Joey
    Joey at |

    Thank you for taking the time to write the script of the recording here! I’m not a Million miler at all but the last few lines summed it up the best: “lifetime is lifetime… unless we change our mind.”

  3. Steven Sullivan
    Steven Sullivan at |

    I’m just disappointed I don’t see the words “radically devalued” anywhere in your transcript. 😉

  4. A
    A at |

    Sure sounds like an “illusory promise” to me. United can cancel for any reason and maybe their CEO doesn’t like FFs anymore 😉

  5. Joelfreak
    Joelfreak at |

    This will lead to more regulation of FF programs, which, in my opinion, is needed. As banks, shops and others trade more with ‘miles and points’ than with money, promises about said ‘miles and points’ need to hold some weight.

  6. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    Thanks for posting the transcript and your thoughts on it. I don’t have a dog in the fight on this. But I do find it interesting to watch and think about the arguments. Especially the bit about “lifetime” means lifetime unless we decide it doesn’t.

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  8. Better By Design
    Better By Design at |

    Like everyone else here, I agree that the money quote is definitely the “lifetime is lifetime… but we reserve the right to completely cancel anything at anytime”.

    I completely get how that HAS to be the position United takes on this, but man, I’m hoping that the press makes some hay with that.

    Kudos to the judges for getting them to actually admit that that is their position, even though it is likely legal.

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  10. UAPhil
    UAPhil at |

    The “spousal benefit” does have significant value. My GF has all the benefits of Premier Gold status when she flies without me, which she does regularly. (The rules do say the benefits can be granted to anyone in the same household.)

    1. Steven Sullivan
      Steven Sullivan at |

      Yep, the spousal benefit is great. My partner doesn’t fly UA often without me, but when he does, he’s a 1K. He’s been upgraded on routes like SFO-IAD because of that, so yeah, it’s a pretty significant benefit.

      And, even when traveling together, you’re both in the upgrade system as elites, not as an elite member and a companion. That can be of benefit, too.

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  12. Marc
    Marc at |

    Does the spouse/domestic partner receive the 6 systemwide upgrades (so a total of 12 between the two) when the Million Miler earns 1K…so if I fly 100,000 next year and receive 1K status, I will also go over the million mile mark…so…will my wife receive the 1K status which includes the 6 systemwide upgrades giving us 12 as a family? Does that make sense?