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  1. DaninMCI
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    I get this weird feeling that cookies and browser tracking may be at play during some of these searches. Also I notice that if I search for a flight leaving on December 5th (or whatever date) sometimes I’ll see better options for other dates but if I search for the wrong date I sometimes have luck “faking” out the system for the date I actually want. I know this may not be likely but it’s starting to be kind of a superstition with me when I check on flight dates I want. I know I’m probably a moron 🙂

  2. Joey
    Joey at |

    Good to know. The initial thought in my head would be phantom availability on the AS and DL site but since you called Flying Blue, I guess the AS/DL sites were indeed right and something fishy going on with AeroMexico and Flying Blue websites.

    I’ve flown business class on the AeroMexico 787 and the seats are similar to United’s from what I recall. Service was meh. Have fun though! Try to get the front row for the best legroom! Safe travels!

  3. JB
    JB at |

    I book award travel on a daily basis, so I have a snapshot of some of the most up to date availability information for all the alliances… in my head. There simply is no single source for all the information. Award Nexus is pretty good, but outrageously expensive if you have it run a search and cross-check the airlines against each other. I have an informal way of ‘first glance’ checking, followed up by ‘point to point’ checking (standard practice in the award world), and then cross checking. Here are a few gems. United can, but doesn’t really, show LOT, Brussels, and some Aeroplan – so I use Aeroplan a lot (of course for Singapore and Air India also). ANA (which your award search engine uses) is pretty good, but craps out 3 days from departure. People swear by Qantas, but I find it buggy and too slow to drill down to the exact class available. BA won’t show some Qantas. AA won’t show CX, some JAL. I use AA for intra-Australia. Oh, and US Air blocks access to a lot of the CX, JAL, Malaysian award inventory anyway – it’s always fun taking to US Air phone agents. The monthly view on Delta and United is 90% useless and misleading. I use Alaska to search Fiji and Delta.

  4. AA
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    I had a similar experience recently, while searching for JAL award space using AA miles. Online, I checked AA.com, BA.com, and Award Nexus all of which showed no award availability for the dates I wanted. I eventually called AA directly to book an alternate date, and found out from the phone agent that award seats for my preferred dates were indeed available.

    A couple days later, I was searching united.com for UA flights with R space available, so I could be sure my SWUs would clear into C. Having found none, I booked some promising flights anyway, and was shocked to see them clear immediately.

    1. JB
      JB at |

      With AA and Delta, I sometimes find better avail on the phone, but not enough to ever expect it.

  5. Tocqueville
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    I noticed something goofy on US – Mexico routes with Delta last year. Could this be the same issue/glitch?

    It enabled me to get 6x Atlanta – Puerta Vallarta seats in economy on the same non-stop flight during peak holiday season for 35k Delta per ticket.