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  1. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    You never checked the bus!

  2. Bd
    Bd at |

    Or trueblue to Montreal America Intl Airport! (BTV)

    Trip report please!

  3. Sam @ SFO
    Sam @ SFO at |

    Enjoy it!

    My fiancé and I had an award reservation on today’s KL672 ourselves until a few weeks ago. But we JUST bought our first home together and have been dealing with closing and moving the last few weeks and finally threw in the towel and realized that we really just couldn’t handle that kind of trip this weekend (we were going to be in Amsterdam about 24 hours), so we cancelled.

    Maybe the seats went back into award inventory and you got them? Maybe not.

    Either way, have fun and write a good report so we can live our original plan vicariously through you!

  4. Christian
    Christian at |

    Wow. I’d thought the whole DC-10 family had long ceased operations. As an aviation buff, you should have a great time. I’m still trying to work out flying upstairs in a 747 or two while there are still some in service.

  5. Thezipper
    Thezipper at |

    Have fun! A bunch of us flew on the last NWA DC-10 from HNL to MSP a few years back. Lots of fun and a great time with other AvGeeks! Looking forward to the trip report !!

  6. Patrick
    Patrick at |

    Saw that plane at Montreal on my way to Munich. Got a picture of it if anyone want’s to see it.
    Can we post pictures here? I don’t think so.

  7. MarkM
    MarkM at |

    You don’t have 4500 Avios for that short segment to YUL?

  8. Jetstream007
    Jetstream007 at |

    Nice to know: KLM will fly the MD-11 on a few more ‘local’ farewell trips in/around the Netherlands, for the price of 111 Euros.

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  11. Better By Design
    Better By Design at |

    Ah, the MD-11… last of the mighty passenger tri-jets.

    At least they’ll live on as a cargo type for a few more years… it’ll be a sad day when the 747 retires and all we’re left with are the much more generic looking 2 engine giant beasts… and A380s from non-US carriers.

    Plane spotting gets that much trickier.

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