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  1. Corey
    Corey at |

    I am friends with a guy in the review-integrity department at TripAdvisor and they take this sort of thing very seriously, and they do consider properties offering incentives for positive reviews as fraud.


    I would suggest that you send this directly to TripAdvisor so that they can take action against this property.

  2. Debbie Trueblood
    Debbie Trueblood at |

    I agree…. I’m a reviewer on TA, and it makes me crazy when I hear people say things like “real people don’t ever review these properties, it’s all paid advertisement” or “yeah, the only reviews are good ones!”. There’s probably a good bit of dishonesty in any review system but most travelers are savvy enough to realize that a review provided by someone with only 1 review in their own hometown is not likely a solid indicator of the property. Personally, we’ve been encouraged to leave feedback by tour groups, hotels, and cruiselines…. but we’ve never been offered something in return for it. This smacks of dishonesty in my opinion.

  3. Gene
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  4. Nick
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    I once gave our corporate preferred hotel a terrible review because they gave me the worst room in the place, claiming they were keeping the others for important guests. I tried twice to change rooms. The GM contacted me through TA and offered a free night to change my review etc. Never stayed there again.

  5. Broc
    Broc at |

    It would be better if you could post the hotel’s name, so that people who care about such things, like me, don’t stay there.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with verbally asking for a review if you mention that you had a positive experience. Since people are 5x more likely to complain than praise, that may help to even out the score. But to reward someone for a positive review is not only sketchy but against the T & C of all reputable review sites, including TripAdvisor.

  6. Miles
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    I prepaid for a 5-night stay at a budget hotel in Hanoi. The hotel had excellent reviews on a very-well-known rating site. When I arrived I found that a floor drain in the bathroom erupted whenever anyone in the floors above sent water down the drain. The bathroom itself was only 32-inches wide, so you had to sit backwards on the toilet. It was a disaster.

    I left the next morning, losing 4 nights payment but preserving my health. My assumption is that the hotel must have purchased the reviews.

    My takeaway was: Don’t trust online reviews.