A Pair of Elevate Bonuses for Q4 ’14

Virgin America has a pair of promos running concurrently in Q4 offering lots of bonus points in the Elevate program. Even better is that some of the bonus points count towards tier status, but not all of them do. Yes, it is a bit complicated, but if you’re flying Virgin America definitely worth understanding. The bonus period is from 6 October 2014 – 19 December 2014 and tickets must be both purchased and flown within those dates to qualify. Registration is required.

Double or Triple Points

Flying in paid Main Cabin Select (W, Q, Z Fare Classes) or First Class (J, C, D Fare Classes) seats? Those are worth a 100% or 200% bonus, respectively. Codeshare flights do not count nor do those upgraded inside of 24 hours via the discounted paid upgrades. But if you’re a big spender on VX tickets then this deal means lots more points.

Bonus Base & Elite Points for Everyone

Separate from the premium fare bonus points is another promo running over the same period. All flights taken during the promo period will be added up and the bonus earnt will be based on that number. It is a sliding scale and maxes out at 25,000 bonus points if you also earn 25,000 base points (i.e. $5,000 in base fare spend) during the period. This bonus stacks with the 2x/3x points for premium fares but the 2x/3x bonus earning does NOT count towards the base point earning to qualify for the tiers. All of the bonus points credited in this half of the promotion count towards tier status as well.


So essentially two separate promos which happen to be running concurrently. Not too shabby, though the spend-based nature of the program may make hitting some of the targets rather challenging. That’s all art of the fun in this game, I suppose.

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Seth Miller

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